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We welcome new members and below are the membership fees which are payable monthly, quarterly or annually.

We are currently offering a special "International Membership" for people who now live outside of Zimbabwe but are interested in joining and help keep Hillside Sports Club operating in what are trying economic times in the country.

This is directed at people who have been involved in Mutare (Umtali) either at school, work or with visiting teams competing in tournaments such as the Valentine Trophy, Oudemeester golf event for farmers.. The annual fee  for International Membership is $50  and a card will be issued which may possibly be  used when visiting golf courses around the world

Anyone interested please email us on



Membership Fees :

Golf                         $150 per quarter


Ladies Golf              $100 per quarter

Senior Golf                $50 per quarter

Junior Golf                 No charge

Tennis                        $90 per quarter 

Tennis and Golf          $175 per quarter

Bowls                        $55 per quarter

House                       $60 per quarter 

International               $50 (or equivalent)

                                     per annum)


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